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Euro Shams

What is a Euro Sham?

Euro shams (also called European shams) are shams designed to fit 26” x 26” square European pillows. Euro pillows are used decoratively as a row of pillows behind the standard or king size pillows in a bedding ensemble. But they are not just decorative: Euro pillows are also quite comfortable, and the extra height makes them perfect as reading pillows, or for sleepers who require more neck and back support.

How to use Euro Pillows

The traditional way to use a Euro pillow is in addition to standard or king sized sleeping pillows. A row of Euro sham size pillows against the headboard of the bed fill out a bedding ensemble and complete the décor of a refined bedroom. Place a row of Euro pillows behind the sleeping pillows, and perhaps add in a different decorative pillow or two to complete the set. Our white and neutral toned pintucked and ruched pillows are ideal for this!

Euro Shams from Crane & Canopy

Our Euro shams are made from the same high-quality materials and to the same impeccable standards as our duvet covers and other bedding. Elegant 300+ thread count long-staple cotton, expertly woven and stitched for durability, feel, and easy care.

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