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How to Care for Your Crane & Canopy Bedding

Beautifully simple tips on how to keep your bedding looking great!

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Caring for Your Pintuck Bedding
  • Stains
  • Storage


Proper washing is a pillar of bedding care. When washing your bedding, add only one complete bedding set or one duvet insert per wash. This will allow your bedding to be thoroughly and evenly cleaned.

It is best to wash both cotton and linen bedding in cold water using a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. If you feel your bedding is particularly soiled, you can use warm water and a stronger detergent. To preserve your zipper and your bedding's longevity concurrently, make sure the zippers are always gently closed prior to washing or drying.

Avoid any products containing chlorine bleach or benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acid. Use of chlorine bleach or residual bleach from previous laundry loads can lead to discoloration and weakened and thinner fibers on your bedding. This will diminish the life of your bedding. If you do use bleach, only use a color-safe bleach alternative to keeps your whites white and your colors bright.


Harsh heat can hurt your bedding, so air dry whenever possible. If machine drying is needed, be sure to use a low-heat setting such as delicate or permanent press.

When using a machine to dry your bedding, consider popping in a lavender laundry sachet during the cycle to give your bedding a lovely fresh scent.

Remove your bedding from the dryer as soon as possible to avoid set-in wrinkles. To get truly wrinkle-free bedding, use an iron on the appropriate heat setting to get rid of any wrinkles. For cotton bedding, we recommend ironing with medium to high heat, and for linen bedding, high heat. Avoid ironing on top of zippers as the heat may cause damage to the zipper.

When closing the duvet cover after drying, slowly and gently fasten your zipper to avoid breakage.

Caring for Your Pintuck Bedding

In order to create the pleated and voluminous look, each one of the pintucks on the Valencia is hand sewn individually and with care. While our pintucks are reinforced, we recommend you still handle the Valencia with care to maintain its textured look.

Unbalanced pressure or tension may cause the pintucks to come undone. If for any reason your pintucks come undone, please contact your local seamstress.

Here are some friendly care tips:

  1. Make sure there is nothing on top of your pintuck bedding when making or adjusting your bed.
  2. When adjusting your pintuck bedding, use the underside of the duvet, vs. the pintuck top.
  3. Make sure the zippers are closed prior to washing or drying. Wash on cold, gentle cycle.
  4. While bed jumping is encouraged at Crane & Canopy, try not to jump on your pintuck bedding.


Take care of stains as soon as possible, before they set in. If you can get to spills while they're still wet, they can come out more easily. Test your cleaner prior to use to ensure it’s safe to use on fabrics.


When not in use, your bedding should be stored in a cool dry place with adequate air circulation. For linen bedding particularly, be sure to limit exposure to direct sunlight. Adding a sachet of lavender or using a linen spray will give your bedding a lovely subtle scent that will add to its freshness.

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