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Patterned Duvet Covers from Crane & Canopy

From bold geometries to flowing lines to strikingly modern floral prints, Crane & Canopy’s patterned duvet covers come in an amazing variety of styles and colors. Bright yellow, subtle gray, cheerful light blue and elegant pink patterns grace our growing selection of modern duvet covers made from high-quality cotton. Classic and modern duvet cover options with grace and style.

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Crane & Canopy has a patterned duvet cover for any taste: Discover the Minna with its scattering of playful gray polka dots on a field of light blue, the clean interlocking squares of the Fillmore Blue, the subtle printed mums of the Octavia, and many more. And all of our printed and patterned duvet covers are made from 300+ thread count 100% cotton for elegance and a deeply comfortable sleep.

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