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Floral Belles

Floral Belles: Custom Bedding from Crane & Canopy

An entirely new kind of custom bedding; an entirely new kind of floral bedding – Crane & Canopy has introduced a specially designed new line of duvet covers and shams -- the Cortland -- that can be decorated with an assortment of ethereal fabric flower pins. Create custom duvet covers and shams by attaching three different sizes of intricately constructed mums and marigolds to the special seams of the Cortland duvet. They are easy to put on and take off so you can indulge a different floral bedding idea every day.

Discover custom floral bedding in a variety of soft colors

Floral belles attach to the pleats and folds of the soft cotton sateen Cortland duvet covers and shams. The Cortland comes in off-white and dove gray, while the belles themselves come in four different hues: peach, pink, off-white and dove gray.

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