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What is a Fouta?

Learn more about chic and versatile fouta towels with help from Crane & Canopy.

Fouta towels, also known as Turkish or peshtemal towels, have in recent years become exceedingly popular. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of towel, you may find yourself wondering, what is it? Also, what sets this type of towel apart from classic bath towel options?

What is a Fouta?

Fouta towels are thin, multi-use towels originally used as towels or worn as sarongs in Turkish bathhouses and spas. They are traditionally crafted from linen or 100% cotton, and they often feature delicate fringed detail.

Today, fouta towels have become a modern lifestyle essential. Known and praised for their versatility, they are both decorative and functional, and they work well in many settings, from our homes to the beach and beyond. A soft fouta towel works well as a beach towel, a bath time luxury, a casual throw, and more.

Why are Fouta Towels Different?

As fouta towels are considerably thinner than many other luxury bath towel options, they are easy to pack and simple to travel with. They can easily transition from the pool to the porch and back again.

Fouta towels also have different hand-feel, as they feature tightly woven cotton on one side and plush cotton terry on the other. Due to this unique composition, these towels maintain superior absorbency and softness while being lightweight.

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