DUMMY PIXEL - does nothing.
Beautiful Bedding for your home
Crane and Canopy Crane and Canopy + the Skimm
Hate Making Your Bed?
It's the duvet cover like you have never seen before.
Thanks to everyone who believes in what we’re doing
Revolutionary bedding Revolutionary bedding
Making a Bed Will Never be the Same Again

Our Nova bedding is designed to solve the biggest frustrations you have with your bedding. See why our Nova duvet cover is the easiest and fastest way to make the bed perfectly, every time.

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The Perfectly Made Bed In 80% Less Time
A two-toned duvet cover that combines the duvet cover and flat sheet
The Easiest Way To Put A Comforter In The Cover
A hidden zipper enclosure in the middle vs. the end of the duvet cover
The Duvet Cover That Keeps The Comforter In Place
Interior corner ties in the duvet cover to keep the comforter in place
Thanks to everyone who believes in what we're doing
"Buying this duvet means making your morning bed-making faster. We advise you use those extra minutes to do a happy dance.”
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