DUMMY PIXEL - does nothing.
Holds the comforter in place from the inside of the cover
Zips the duvet cover together, hassle-free
Gives the look of a perfectly made bed
Innovative zipper placement in the middle of the duvet cover makes it easy to change your bedding
Stitched to highlight the flat sheet look
The Nova: The Duvet Cover, Reinvented
The perfectly made bed in 80% less time
Hate Making Your Bed?
We set out with a lofty mission to reinvent the way America makes its bed and designed a duvet cover like you have never seen before
The Perfectly Made Bed In 80% Less Time
A 2-in-1 solution that combines the duvet cover and flat sheet for the look of a beautifully made bed
The Easiest Way To Put A Comforter In The Cover
A strategic placement of a hidden zipper enclosure in the middle vs. the end of the duvet cover
The Flat Sheet Look Without The Hassle
A two-toned duvet cover that mimics the flat sheet with a color-coordinated accent strip
The duvet cover worth talking about
"Buying this duvet means making your morning bed-making faster. We advise you use those extra minutes to do a happy dance.”
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We believe in smart and elegant design for your home. With the Nova Duvet Cover, it now takes 80% less time to make your bed.

The easiest way to stuff your comforter in the cover: We moved the opening from the bottom of the duvet cover to the middle. Now, stuffing your comforter after wash is effortless.

The comforter is guaranteed to stay in place: Never wake up with the comforter bunched in a ball again. We added four interior corner ties inside the cover to ensure the comforter stays in place.

No more buttons, no more pain: Buttons are for shirts, not for duvet covers. They fall off easily and take too long to close. We replaced the buttons with a durable zipper so your bedding is now easy to close.

The perfect bed, every time: You do not have time to make a perfect bed every morning. With our tailored flap and accent strip that mimic the top sheet, say goodbye to your top sheet. In just one motion, you can now get the perfect look without the hassle.

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