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The Monogram Guide

Tell a new story this season with the elegance of a monogram.

Here at Crane & Canopy, we believe your home should tell a story that is distinctly yours. We live for those little details that can easily elevate your every day. That is why we have created the Crane & Canopy Monogram Studio. A monogram is a symbol that represents your individuality. With a monogram on a luxury towel or a beautiful sheet, you instantly make a statement about you and your family. A monogram consists of a person's initials — usually a variation of the first, middle, and last name.

To get started, read our guide below for how to create your perfect monogram. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or an elegant statement of your own, tell a new story this season with the beauty of a monogram.

Step 1: Select Your Product

Choose items from our Monogram Studio, which include luxury sheets, classic towels and beautiful duvet covers and throw pillows. Shop the entire Monogram Studio here.

Step 2: Select Your Monogram Font Style

Single Initial: Studio, Classic, Stamp, Author, Heirloom, Square

Three Initials: Block, Diamond, Circle, Script, Traditional

Step 3: Select Your Color

Classic Colors: Black, Navy, Charcoal, Grey, Beige, White

Pretty Hues: French Blue, Green, Lilac, Pink, Yellow

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does monogramming cost?
    The cost for monogramming a product is $8 per product.
  2. What is the return policy on monogrammed items?
    Orders for monogrammed items cannot be cancelled or returned.
  3. How long does it take to ship monogrammed items?
    Shipping monogrammed items can take up to an extra 8 business days.
  4. What items can I monogram?
    You can view all monogrammable items in our Monogram Shop here.
  5. What can I monogram on a towel bundle?
    For towel bundles, only the hand towels can be monogrammed.
  6. What can I monogram on a sheet set?
    For our sheet sets, only the pillowcases can be monogrammed.
  7. Do you offer custom monograms or colors?
    Our designers have created over 100 styles of font styles and color choices for our products. At this time, we do not offer custom fonts or colors. However, we are always launching new fonts so check back for updates to our Monogram Studio.

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