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  • Duvet vs Comforter

    What's the difference between a duvet, a comforter, and a duvet cover?

  • Down vs Down Alternative Comforters

    We answer questions about price, quality, warmth, allergies, and more in this guide to down comforters and down alternative comforters.

  • Percale vs Sateen

    Learn more about the differences between percale and sateen weaves, and discover which is right for you.

  • What is a Sham?

    Many people dont know that a sham is a decorative pillow case. Did you know that the term "pillow sham" reaches back to the early 1700's?

  • What is a Bath Sheet?

    What's the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet?

  • What is Linen?

    What's the difference between linen and cotton?

  • What is a Fouta?

    What is a fouta towel, and why is it different?

  • What does "thread count" mean?

    What is thread count? Does it matter? Are "1000 thread count sheets" better? Shop for linens like an expert with our guide to thread counts.

  • How do I choose the right comforter?

    Which fill is best for me? How do I choose my comforter weight?

  • What is Jacquard Fabric?

    What is a jacquard weave and why is it so unique?

  • Fitting Duvet Covers and Comforters

    How to make sure your comforter and duvet cover are a good fit for each other. A guide from Crane & Canopy: Shop for bedding like an expert.

  • Laundry Care Symbol Chart

    A handy, printable, chart of the laundry symbols on fabric tags and what they mean. Clothes washing symbols and their meanings.

  • What is a Euro Sham?

    Learn about what differentiates a euro sham from a standard sham and how to use them to accessorize your bed!

  • What is Egyptian Cotton?

    Is Egyptian cotton better? Not always. Learn about staple length and shop for linens like an expert with our guide to Egyptian, Pima and Long Staple Cotton.

  • What is Feng Shui?

    Explaining an ancient art and learning how to balance the energy of your bedroom and home.

  • To Chop or not to Chop

    The great debate! Which option is best for your pillows?