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Percale vs Sateen

Learn about the differences between percale and sateen weaves with this simple guide.

Great bedding provides a perfect foundation for any luxury bed, and the feel and appearance of your bedding depend upon the fabric’s weave. When choosing high quality duvet covers and sheets, you will likely find both options, and you may find yourself wondering, what’s the difference?

Percale vs Sateen

The difference between percale and sateen options lies in the fabric’s weave. Percale fabrics are made by weaving one thread over one thread continuously, while sateen fabrics are made by weaving four threads over one thread. This difference, moreover, leads to contrast in both fabric hand-feel and appearance.

What is Percale?

Due to its plain, or one-thread-over-one-thread-under, weave, percale fabrics are tightly woven and more structured. This close basket weave, moreover, lends percale fabrics a crisp hand-feel, similar to men’s dress shirts, and a relatively matte appearance.

Percale fabrics’ weave allows percale bedding unparalleled durability and longevity. This durability does not prevent comfort or smoothness, however, as percale sheets and duvet covers soften with each wash.

While many prefer to sleep on percale sheets year-round, these bedding options are particularly suitable for the year’s warmer months. The fabric’s plain weave allows for breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable in the Spring and Summer.

What is Sateen?

In contrast, sateen fabrics are characterized by a silky-soft hand-feel. They feel luxuriously smooth to the touch and allow for superior comfort and rest year-round.

Sateen fabrics, moreover, possess a light sheen and lovely drape; they are also more wrinkle-resistant. In many ways, the structure and feel of sateen bedding is comparable to that of silk clothing.

Though luxurious, it is not overly delicate. Sateen-weave sheets and duvet covers tend to be thicker and more tightly woven than percale options, allowing them excellent longevity.

Which is Right for You?

Whether you choose percale or sateen bedding truly depends upon personal preference. At Crane & Canopy, we offer high-quality sateen bedding options, as we believe its soft, inviting feel provides the most comfortable, restorative sleep.

You can find our complete collection of sateen bedding, duvet covers, and sheets here.

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