DUMMY PIXEL - does nothing.
Meet Gus, Our Company Mascot & One Snuggly Pug!

Gus is five years old, has the biggest heart and is undeniably a cute Pug. With his abnormally long tail, big brown eyes, adorable head tilt and unusually big sweet tooth, Gus loves snuggling up by us, napping on soft, luxurious bedding and looking ever-so-handsome during photoshoots. He is friendly, he is kind, he is protective when he needs to be and most importantly, he is the best snuggly Pug we could ask for.

Join all his adventures (including many behind-the-scenes moments) on Instagram by following @onesnugglypug.

Have a beautiful photo you want to share of your sleepy pup? Send Gus an email at gus@craneandcanopy.com.

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