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What does "thread count" mean?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the best sheets thread count is or what thread count even means? We’ve interviewed a few experts to expand on this topic and provide additional perspective. Dr. Ning Pan, a Textiles and Clothing professor at the University of California at Davis, describes thread count as “a convenient way to describe yarn thickness.” By adding each warp (the vertical threads) with each weft (the horizontal threads) per square inch, one can reveal the thread count.

Dr. Pan informed us that there are many ways to get around increasing thread count without really increasing the fineness or hand of the linen. The most thread that can realistically be woven into one square inch is 400. Other manufactures can place multiple threads into the fabric that are not actually woven in. This process increases the thread count but does not increase the overall hand feel or fineness. In order for a manufacturer to add more threads per square inch, the threads themselves need to be thinner, which decreases the quality and longevity of your linen.

Julian Tomchin, former senior vice president and fashion director for home at Bloomingdale’s and senior vice president of creative services for home at Macy’s, also gives us insight into the "1,000 thread count myth". He advises that home linens manufacturers use two or three-ply yarns and use simple multiplication to arrive at their thread count number. Next time you are on the hunt for 800 thread count sheets, remember this post and remember that anything above 400 is usually the result of “creative counting”, as Tomchin puts it.

As consumers, we know that you want a soft feel and something that won’t disintegrate, tear or fray quickly. We know that higher sheets thread count doesn’t necessarily correspond with a higher quality or softer feeling linen. We hope their expertise helps you make your future purchasing decisions simple.

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