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Who's that Pug?

Crane & Canopy was founded in 2010 in memory of our founder's grandmother, Annie who passed away in April of that year. Annie began her life in America in the 1950's as a seamstress in San Francisco, sewing together dresses, suits, and you guessed it, linens.

Throughout her life, Annie never stopped creating. The meticulous handmade jackets, sweaters, and blankets she made for her family were crafted with love and care. To this day, these pieces serve as an inspiration to our team and a reminder of how high quality products should feel.

Annie's other passion was pugs, and she always had a pug by her side. Gus, her most recent friend and companion, is four years old, has abnormally long legs, adorable eyes, and an unusual sweet tooth! Known in our headquarters for chewing and a penchant to check out anything new, we have lost a few samples thanks to his mischief. While our warehouse is now a "no-Gus" zone, you will see him occasionally in our photographs. Once Gus gets comfortable, it is impossible to get him to move!

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