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Here at Crane & Canopy, we believe everyone deserves a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. We have partnered with the largest domestic violence services agencies from around the nation to give the gift of a safe night’s sleep through the donation of new bedding.

Working hand-in-hand with each shelter and their individual needs, our donated bedding could be used to refresh a shelter’s bedding or be gifted to a woman affected by domestic violence and abuse. Join us today to help victims create a safe home for themselves and their families and begin a future free from violence.


Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting millions of individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, race, religion, nationality or educational background. The consequences of domestic violence can last a lifetime and sadly, can cost someone his or her life.


Your purchase of Crane & Canopy bedding allows us to give our bedding to women across the country affected by domestic violence. We appreciate your continued support as we embark on a mission to put more stars on our map.

When our customers buy, we give. It’s beautifully simple.


We have partnered with the nation’s largest domestic violence service agencies to tailor our donation of new bedding based on their specific needs. Here are the shelters we are currently working with:


In the Spring of 2013, Crane & Canopy teamed up with Safe Horizon, New York’s largest provider of domestic violence residences. For every duvet cover and sham set purchased, Crane & Canopy donated a duvet cover, sham set and comforter to women and their families leaving their residences.

We were given the opportunity to tour Lily House, one of Safe Horizon’s largest transitional housing shelters where victims are guaranteed a stay of 6 months in order to receive the support needed to heal and begin anew. Here is a closer look at our visit.
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To learn more about Lily House, read our Q&A with Fran, the Director of Lily House Shelter.
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