Guest Bedroom Ideas: How to Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready for Guests

The holidays are full of cozy nights, long to-do lists, plenty of parties, lots of travel time and unforgettable memories. It truly is the most wonderful time of year and it’s finally here! While you run about town getting ready, we are here with a gentle reminder: don’t ignore your guest bedroom! Whether you are simply hosting friends and family for dinner or for a sleepover, you will want every inch of your home looking fabulous and that includes the guest room. We have pulled together a video and a list of guest bedroom ideas to help you get your guest bedroom guest ready!

It is all about the small personal touches that will make your guests feel right at home. They will feel so welcomed and so loved, they might never leave! Here’s what you need for the perfect guest bedroom:

  • 1. Soft, luxurious bedding. There is nothing like diving in to a beautifully made bed with high-quality cotton bedding after a long day. Give your guests the royal treatment by dressing the bed with chic duvet covers, a comfy comforter and 400 thread count sheets. HINT: give your guests a few different sleeping pillow options. Waking up with a kink in your neck is never fun, no matter where you are.
  • 2. An extra layer for warmth. There are some that sleep hot and some that sleep cold. Style the bed with a couple cozy throws just in case your guests get cold in the middle of the night.
  • 3. Bottled water and snacks. Traveling, eating and drinking are all very dehydrating activities. Stock the room with a few bottles of water and nourishing snacks so your guests won’t need to (embarrassingly) creep through the house in their jammies (or lack thereof) in search of water.
  • 4. Reading material. If your guests are night owls or early birds, styling the room with a few books and magazines will give them something to do during those sleepless hours or moments of downtime.
  • 5. Shower and hand towels. We know you’re all family, but that does not mean you should share bath towels. Giving your guests their own personal pile of towels to use during their stay is a thoughtful touch.
  • 6. A few forgotten toiletries Round up a few essentials like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, a new toothbrush, a new razor and a hair dryer. These little things often get left behind so save your guests the extra trip to the convenience store by making these small necessities available to them.
  • 7. Fresh blooms. A small bedside arrangement instantly freshens up and brings life into the space. Have fun with it and make an arrangement from seasonal blooms!
  • 8. A fresh scent. Leave a candle or two in the guest bedroom and guest bathroom. There is nothing more comforting than reading a book with a candle lit shortly before bed. Just don’t forget to give them matches too!
  • 9. Closet space. Your guest closet is no longer where you hide all your mess. Get organized and leave room in the closet (with extra hangers) so your guests can unwind and unpack.
  • 10. A little extra love. Personal details go a long way. Write a short, sweet note or style the room with a few framed photos of you with your guests. It will let them know just how loved they are and what could be more important during the holidays?
  • Our top 10 guest bedroom decorating ideas will make your guests feel right at home.

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