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Crane & Canopy was conceived to deliver innovative, high quality bedding without the middleman markup. We design original products and connect customers with world's most premium factories.
It's beautifully simple.


Traditional designer bedding brands typically go through a 5 step process that inflates the price. We cut out the unnecessary steps, saving you money while keeping exactly the same quality.


Incredible Fabrics

All of Crane & Canopy's base fabrics use the highest-quality extra long staple cotton, with weaves ranging from 300 to 400 thread count.

Our fabrics optimize for softness while maintaining lifetime durability and longevity. To make it convenient for you, all of our duvet covers are machine washable for easy care.

Premium Manufacturers

We went straight to the same bedding manufacturers for brands in premium department stores and high-end retail.

Working directly with these manufacturers (rather than with importers and agents) allows us to bring the same premium department store quality at a fraction of the cost.

Exquisite Details

Whether it is our convenient corner ties, easy care zipper, exquisite piping, beautiful embroidery or fine fabrics, the details of Crane & Canopy products make each design special.

At Crane & Canopy, we strive to wow you with the fine details behind each and every product we create.

our story begins with a dream

inside a little white house...

When Crane & Canopy designer and co-founder Karin purchased her first house, she wanted to create a contemporary and elegant home filled with high-quality designer décor and furniture. When she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for without breaking the bank, she decided to get to work. The result: high quality beautifully designed home goods at an innovative price point.

With passion for both design and business, Karin teamed up with Christopher, her Harvard Business School classmate (and husband), to bring a unique approach to the home goods industry. Working hand-in-hand with the same manufacturers who supply bedding to high-end retail and designer bedding brands, the dynamic duo brings unparalleled value and forward thinking innovation to the market with high-quality fabrics, innovative and modern bedding and contemporary designs.

who’s that pug? it’s gus!

You may have spotted a very adorable pug in our photographs and wondered who he is and how he ended up there.

Meet Gus, our company mascot and pug. Gus is five years old, has an abnormally long tail, big brown eyes and an unusual sweet tooth. Known in our headquarters for chewing and a penchant to check out anything new, we have lost a few samples thanks to his mischief. While our warehouse is now a "no-Gus" zone, you will see him occasionally in our photographs. Once Gus gets comfortable, it is impossible to get him to move!

Learn more about Gus here.

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